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Thank you very much for Interest in our Builiding envelope products. Established in 2003 ALTRAFAB is today a leading company in Architectural Aluminium Product and High performance building envelope Industry. We have a wide range of Aluminium Building Productts and System for commercial or Residential construction, curtain wall systems, window, and cladding.

Since its inception ALTRAFAB has been recognized as an innovator. Through the years we have a Balanced Experience with innovation. Our unrivalled team has a wealth of experience working closely with Architects, Contractors and clients to develop project solutions from their earliest concepts. We are committed to injecting
innovation into new product development to ensure our product meet the most exacting engineering and technical standard.

ALTRAFAB’S Design Expertise combined with Aluminium flexibility and recyclability, makes our
building systems and products right solution for today and tomorrow.

Need Something Special


ALTRAFAB offers some of exclusive Designed Aluminium profiles and we can design custom
solutions that will help you to realize your most daring concepts. So don’t compromise, by working with ALTRAFAB you can achieve a solution to your most challenging Architectural concept.